Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Oh look, it's the TV Guy

So while I'm waiting for the ghouls at Canadian Tire to finish greasing me for 440 unearned dollars, I get trapped in a waiting room with a woman buried in her personal texting device but who can't possibly tolerate the occasional glimpse of a television set not turned on. Thus I'm forced to listen to the latest sad dull-minded patronizing baloney to seep from the lips of one Barack Obama. Just when did that particular dream fizzle down the tubes?

Why doesn't he just go on and say, "Uh, yeah. President here. Just wanted to say: Keep buying shit. Keep the wheels turning. And I'll work on a bill to keep the Wal-Marts open late on Saturdays and closed on God's Day. Oh - and a big shout-out to all the American boys and girls out there in Iraq and Afghanistan shitting their pants and crying for their moms while they're getting killed and mutilated. We call you heroes here because it makes us feel better."

Oh well. What are his choices really? I guess it's either do what he's supposed to, or else steal the Heart of Gold and make a run for it.