Monday, June 29, 2020

This again

Are we bored yet of me coming on here once in a while to speak of new momentum? New signs that things are going to improve? Inevitably they never do for long eh?

If (miraculously) we are not:

I saw my whole family yesterday at the family farm. I guess this is irrelevant to the subject but it sure felt nice. It's been months of course. I'm getting my very own cell phone shortly which is a little gross but it's the only way I can participate in society because - in case you haven't noticed - we now live in a dedicated cell phone society. It's no longer an option. God help us.

Had a great talk with the housemate last night and discovered a lot of opportunity to help each other overcome common problems.

Today I have left the cozy prison that is my bedroom, ascended Mount Staircase all the way to the second floor and am working (working?) at the dining room table while the ceiling fan blows cool air on me and whips my ridiculously long hair into my eyes. Need a headband or haircut apparently.

I just typed "Hope you're all still alive out there" and then realized that of course not all of you are.

Love FWG