Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey look, it's me

Hello there. Sloth here.

I don’t know that I should apologize for my long absence here. I don’t presume that my writings here are doing anyone any great favours.

I seem to have stumbled into some major aversion to writing of late which is kind of ridiculous since I basically gave up a decent career in order to write (in essence) and doubly so given this is a camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing) month and I have a goal to reach and I’m barely 15% of the way there.

I’ve been bloody lazy frankly and it’s no surprise to me because I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time now and when I’m tired I make nothing but lame, short-sighted decisions.

Sleeping is a very complicated thing for me due to shift work and a serious sleep apnea condition which is treated by a CPAP machine which requires regular care in order to perform well. There are actually a lot of little things I need to proactively do in order to make good sleep possible and many of them I am not doing nearly enough due to laziness and poor decision-making... due to lack of sleep. Vicious circle, see?

There are a few more reasons why it’s odd timing for this falling out of love with writing but I will bother you with only this one: I started a new novel which is literally the fifth different attempt to basically try to express the same set of core ideas. The first four all derailed for various reasons but they were learning experiences which I think was really the main goal.

This time I seem to be right on the mark. The first few chapters look great. And the weird thing is: I think that makes me afraid. And perhaps I’ll figure out how to properly explain that sometime soon.

Anyways… I’m trying to get back on the bandwagon. I’m vowing to get busy attending to my sleep issues and to get back to this blog very regularly. But I’ll be trying to keep the posts short.

This was a lame post, I know. They’ll get better. I’m just happy to hear my fingers tapping. Baby steps.