Friday, June 21, 2013

Okay - I'm taking a step...

This is just the goofy cover for the proof copies of heroic adventure-satire novel Eye of Atchewa which I have fully committed to ordering before the end of the month. It represents the farthest step I've taken toward publishing an actual novel. Several friends will give it a read, or as much of it as they can stand. Then I'll decide if it should see the public eye or not and if so, I'll give it a final edit and then go looking for a publisher.

I threw in the Admiral Bleekxpritzle story because a couple friends want to read that as well and it didn't cost any extra. So for everyone who keeps asking when I might get a novel on the shelves, or have given up asking, I'm finally trying to make something happen. And yes, those are gaming miniatures on the cover!