Thursday, May 15, 2014

holycrapthisdayisamazing ihavetogobuylotterytickets!!

First we get to the pool and sneak into the parking lot next door and there's a security guard in a car surrounded by authorized parking only signs so I play dumb and say we're going to the pool can we park here and he says:

"You sure can!!"

Isn't that amazing a security guard who says yes!! I gotta talk to the guys at work about this it could revolutionize the security industry!! Then the receptionist doesn't have change for a twenty so she says ah just go ahead and so we both get a free swim how super amazing is that!! And then the huge giant booger that was floating around in the pool well after I artfully splashed it toward the edge and then splashed it out of the pool and then took a close look at it as it lay on the tiles (cause I'm morbid that way) well it turned out not to be a huge giant booger after all but just a hunk of foam that musta come off one of them snot-green coloured pool noodles!! Hooray!! Isn't that amazing!! This day couldn't get any better and it's only one thirty and I think I should do something to take advantage of all this great luck like buy some lottery tickets or something 'cause when your heart has been sucked into a black hole and you don't know if it will ever return it sure is good to have a great day!! Yeah!!

Jimmy Thompson Memorial Pool