Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Novel: Farewell Summer

(2006) Ray Bradbury

Pure unmistakably-Bradburian magic!

His genius stems from his constant cognizance of childhood curiosity and sense of wonder. Most eventual writers lose all this through adolescence and later must unearth it - or some new version of it. But Bradbury in his life, never lost it.
A re-fermentation of his novel Dandelion Wine (1951), Farewell Summer looks at the mysteries of time and age and human connection through the eyes of boys who know that the end of boyhood is near. He doesn't only make you feel like a kid again; he makes you feel something much dearer, I think: like the world is big again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Gate

I stand at the gate
Strong at this moment
Having long faltered
Regressing in fits
Is this my time to enter

Looking back I see my loved ones;
Family I label friends;
Friends I label family
It has grown so difficult to touch them
I am forgetting how it was
Having lingered so long

Regressing in fits

Will I ever touch them again
When strong at this moment
I stand at the gate

On a cold and windy morning, said goodbye to all my friends. They were hanging 'round the corner. They were staying 'til the end.
- E.L.O. (song: The Stranger)