Sunday, January 31, 2016

Apparently my owls look like penguins

More telephone-pictionary fun with my Eat Poop U Cat facebook group:

Friday, January 29, 2016

In which FWG adopts little-girl strategies

I got rip-roaring sick over the holidays which turned me into a pouting indulgent lazy slob; a habit that has been hard to give up upon recovery. Then, in trying to re-capture an iota of discipline and a proper writing habit, I unleashed a crisis of confidence. Everything I tried to write swiftly prompted the question: Who would want to read this shit?

The one thing I have done in any responsible measure the last couple months is research and sustained quiet contemplation. There is much to report from all that, and much overdue. Very often of late I have questioned my goals and direction; even my “outer purpose” in life. More on all of that to come.

One thing I think I know though: Writing still has a major role to play for me, even if it is only to document my struggle for the sake of some peer or peers on a similar path. In fact, I think that that may be the real purpose of this blog. That may be the answer I’ve been seeking since I started this – what? Ten years ago?

I must get back in the writing habit and make it a stronger habit then ever. My most productive writing came in the years I lived with the Liberal Theologian. We celebrated her life last night, a year since her passing. We sang songs and shared words. And food of course! I am inspired by that and also by the documentary, Life Itself; the story of Roger Ebert, a (Pulitzer prize-winning) writer and film lover; a man whose passions I share.

I saw Neo recently. We talked for more than eight hours. It was very comforting. I will see Renaissance Kid soon and Skeeter Willis and also lean on their good counsel and energy.

Changes are happening. I have much to share.

Dear friends The Ponderer, The Healer and The Liaison, all fine writers, two of them so far published, have drawn me into their Constant Writer Club. In the eternal battle for writing discipline, we have shamelessly adopted the strategy of small children!

Today I wrote. So I got a sticker on my calendar. Just a small one for now because it’s only day one of the streak. They’ll get larger as I go to work daily without a day off. Today’s sticker is a clam. ‘Cause that’s how happy I am to be writing again.