Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Theme Reveal: April A to Z!

Oh what fun... it's April A-to-Z time. When you say to yourself you will blog every day (26 days actually) and hit every letter of the alphabet... A is for Apple... B is for Bugger Me, It's Day Three and I'm already behind...

I normally start dealing with this on March 1st and get some stuff prepared ahead of time (and then still usually fail to make it to Z). Not so this year. I didn't know until three minutes ago that I would be participating this year. But I accidentally went to facebook while browsing (a place I have almost no interest in anymore) and ran smack into an A-to-Z theme reveal post and thought "Hey, I should just do an A-to-Z on stuff that's wrong with my life! What could be easier than that?" The material is everywhere!

Theme revealed.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Flylady speaks to me

Flylady sends me eight emails per day telling me to get off my ass and clean my home. Not usually in those precise words. Just now she told me to clean out my bedroom because my bedroom is the heart of my home! It is not a graveyard! It is the place where my babies were conceived.

It is the place where my babies were conceived, people! Flylady says so!

I think she's talking about my fictional characters. Those dear children of mine who I have ignored lately.

I recently made significant progress. I actually cleared the bedroom floor (well, most of it) and so I now have the space to actually work in the room sorting stuff out according to their destinations: dump, thrift store, salvage guy, specific friends, the circles community...

This is good news. I have much need to get this bedroom/office restoration project finished ASAP.

More soon.