Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Speedy recoveries or lack thereof

I've mentioned Speedy a couple of times. A former tenant at Corrections Heaven. He ended up having to finish the last month of his conditional warrant back in the big house when he got a little edgy with his warrant expiry looming and with no pad lined up and no job and no prospects for either. His mentality and his behaviour slipped a little down the tubes.

He promised to call as soon as he got out again. That date came and a few days passed. I was busy with NaNoWriMo and not too worried. He was probably getting settled in at his mom's place.

Then I heard rumours he was staying at the Sally Anne. So I went to try to see him. It didn't go well. Between common friends and staff at Club Fed, I was able to piece together the story.

It's unclear whether or not he received his start-up funding, as is whether or not he then blew it all on street drugs - and I don't mean pot. Either way he went looking for someone to borrow cash from. He mentioned my name as a possible source (dreamer) and was told by a common friend, not to do that; that I should not be taken advantage of, given the (generally non-monetary) support I've already given.

So he went on an armed robbery spree. It took the third try to get caught and put back in jail where he will be sure to get the support he needs for a long time.

He'd never shoot anyone. He faked having a gun - his M.O. but that will not buy him much time off the sentencing according to more rumour.

Another resounding failure in FWiG's lifelong mission to save everyone.


In other news... I had a 6879-word-day on November 30th, hitting the NaNo goal of 50,000 at 11:53PM to claim winner status for the second consecutive November. Then I got massively ill for a short time and I'm now recovering nicely. I'm already looking ahead at 2013 and all the goals I want to achieve, as well as the critical things I need to achieve. It's daunting, frankly. I need to put structures in place that will keep me motivated and moving in the right direction. It won't be easy.