Friday, March 09, 2007

FWG's nugget o' wisdom #44

A good wine cellar is much like a good basketball team. No whites.

This has been an original nugget o' wisdom from the brain of Fantasy Writer Guy. Do not use nuggets o' wisdom if you are pregnant or may be pregnant. Do not take orally. Do not take while bed-sitting, bagging, growing your hair for peace or banging Yoko Ono.


Dave said...

One word:
Steve Nash
OK, that's two...oops, now we're up to seven including "one word". Crap, 16! 18. Argh!
Are you impressed that I knew Steve Nash? I'm turning SO straight. That cake decorating course I'm taking should balance things out.

mzucos for all

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Um. No thanks. I'm trying to cut down. You can have my share of the mucous.

Nash is an abberation of nature. There are not enough Nash's to go around. And don't talk to me about John Stockton either - or Larry Bird. I don't care how proficient a white player might be. They got no style! no grace! They look like fishes out of water! You want to throw names around? How 'bout Big Country Reeve! Take that, honky!

If you must contradict me you're better off pointing out that an Orvietto pairs well with Caesar salad.

Jee-Zuzz. You basketball-crazy frosting fluffers are all the same.