Friday, March 09, 2012

Day 3: Eight people who mean a lot to you and why

My mom: Best mom in the whole world. Ever. Period. Oh, sorry reader. Did you think maybe that your mom was the best mom in the world? Sorry but no. That privilege is mine.

Paul: We had the most important thing, mom and I, love, when you came along, but little else. You accepted me at once. You provided for us. A good home. Good clothes. Good food. Good times. You taught me excellent lessons seemingly without intention. How to be humble. How to live well within one's limitations. The value in charity. The wisdom in respecting even those persons we are not fond of. I gave up my childhood heroes at once; the very day I realized that I had only one hero.

Porn King: For how many years did we stick together like glue? It's all a blur now. You accepted me during the period of my life when fear and desperation drove me to be too often cunning and controlling. We were there for each other immediately, when needed. We traded favors of any magnitude without hesitation. We guarded each other's secrets. We shared tears and adventures and so much laughter. We trusted each other unwaveringly. We gave each other just what we needed at times. We cleaned up each other's messes and we forgave. Though our interests and habits have diverged and we meet so infrequently at this time, you will always be my best friend; the best I ever could have imagined.

Neo: How does such a potent blend of honesty, humility, curiosity, compassion and intelligence develop in a single young person? You are a wonder. Such precocious writing talent. Such a courageous approach to music. I have such a great hope for the future of our society when I see what you are capable of. Can you even imagine what a tremendous source of inspiration you are? Few people ever access their own individual capacity for genius. But you are on your way. You will change the world for many people.

World Citizen: How often have we met in our adult lives? Perhaps only four or five times? And yet I feel like we have souls connected from some ancient time! But you have that effect on many people, I'll bet. You speak with a voice so gentle it overwhelms. You are the evolved man; a man of the highest order. How the world needs to learn from you. I hope you will always maintain the opportunities to teach!

Robb: I hope you know how much you are liked and respected and appreciated by those whose lives and pursuits you work so hard to nurture. Though I wonder does your generosity go too much appreciated but without that appreciation voiced to you? Let me say that you are not taken for granted. Not by me or those around us. We speak of you often and with great regard. Was it chance or design that you led me to this place where I would discover a part of me which I had no idea existed; a part I now cherish. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Professor Plonk and Captain Vino: You are such incredibly special friends. You have always been there for me with infinite generosity and unconditional love. You are of a rare rare breed. I adore you both.

How can I pick just eight? Doctor Lock would qualify. So would Rockin' Roddie or MJC. Who else? Tati, Little Brother, all my excellent associates at the SHL. My completely beautiful Nano friends. My grandma and other dear relatives. The I.S. I can't rank these people. I only know that I am among the luckiest persons in the world for all the amazing people who have allowed me into their lives. I love you all madly.

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