Monday, October 01, 2007

Stuff on Claudia's Cat

Okay, I finally updated my links and stuff. One thing I had to do was nix the Stuff-on-my-cat link in protest of their ignoring Claudia Supermom's submission after I convinced her to submit. Hers is a way better photo than some of the filler on their site.

To further protest - I'm subletting space here for her excellent cat pics.

[Editor's note: In other words he's stealing her material.]

So here we go. It's simple. We got some stuff (in this case some kind of demonic rubber duck). We got Claudia's cat. And we got some vague yellow numerals. So there. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

*Howls with laughter* thanks man!

Kathleen said...

Yup, that's the looks I get from my cats when I try something like that.

Claudia said...

My daughter Jessica is laughing her head off... Very Good Stuff FWG

Babs Gladhand said...

This should definitely be a regular feature. Claudia, I hope your cat will be willing to participate.

Even the word verification is playing along hduqmi

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Willing or not, I've stolen quite a few cat pics off of Claudia's site. Oh and another reader has even emailed me a pic. I guess I'm in the cat-stuff business now. Stay tuned.