Wednesday, January 15, 2020

T is for Thigh

In the last couple months there have been a few brief occasions where my right thigh goes on vacation. It just seems to disengage; almost like a partially separated shoulder but really not very painful at all. It usually happens right after standing up and if I’ve already walked a stride or two it threatens to make me fall down. So far I have been lucky and had things to grab on to.

A few days ago I had several attacks the same day and they each lasted for ten to twenty minutes.

And then… Friday night on the night shift: It went on me again, this time lasting for six and a half hours. I could not leave my chair in that time. Had I needed the washroom I’d have had to roll there on my wheeled desk chair.

After five hours of this I sent an email to my bosses and the director of operations and the H.R. manager. I told them that it looked like the end of the road for me with this client. It has been a couple month since declining mobility hasn’t made my work weekends an awkward and sometimes painful ordeal.

Maybe they can offer me a different less-mobile assignment, once my leg problem is resolved. I think it may be a nerve damage or pinched nerve issue.

I’m aware I might end up on disability. I do not want this, of course, but my seven day shifts per month at the social assistance office, through new employer Poseidon Security, does not yield enough income to get by on.

Big changes may be coming. 

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