Thursday, January 16, 2020

U is for Unappetizing

The last two times I purchased the pre-made panini sandwiches at Metro grocery store the bread was stale, hard, unenjoyable. Useless. The last three times I purchased the prepared roasted pork loin with rosemary they were overcooked, tough as hell, dry as a bone, practically inedible.

Yeah I know; maybe I should cook for myself. Well things are tough at our house right now and using the wreckage that was once a kitchen is not an option. I'm working on a kitchenette deal down in my lair but meanwhile...

I'm not one to complain to vendors but I'm starting to resolve to change all that. I feel like there is a disease in our society where we use our absurd privileges and wealth, not to produce greater quality but to assemble systems to fuck each other over for profit. And the result is less quality. And I feel sometimes like we allow this because we're so fucking artificial we're satisfied with the appearance of quality. Like the transactions alone are enough for us. It seems like as long as we can stick our experience on facebook (the eye of the other) it doesn't matter if the experience was solid.

I've been watching too much Kitchen Nightmares with the dual hero/anti-hero Gordon Ramsay. Every time I eat now I want to say "This is disgusting! You're not even trying! You don't even care!! You've lost your passion!!"

Oh well.

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