Friday, February 23, 2007

Dish Frog

Meet the Dish Frog. He's an orange wide-mouth frog with a big yellow tongue. Despite his modest stature he garners a fair amount of attention being orange and yellow in an otherwise somber environment. Rockin' Roddie gave him up for adoption along with a couple fine bottles of vino back at the Grotto of Cool house-swarming bash and Steve-o and I have since grown fond of him. So have many of our guests. But some, sadly, have not. And unbeknownst to them we pay careful attention to their reaction to Dish Frog.

You see, he is one of two Grotto of Cool guardians. While Cardboard Regis haunts the shadowy places - the closets; the shower; the other side of a closed door, Dish Frog rules the kitchen. And from his countertop perch he stares into souls with his black beady eyes.

Those who like Dish Frog are forever welcome at the Grotto and may move about freely within. But those who poo-poo Dish-Frog... Shall never be fully trusted here. They shall always be scrutinized.



Babs Gladhand said...

Oh my god. I love the frog. I want him for my own. He's way cooler than the fish dish I have that holds my scrubbie.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Well - Dish Frog has never actually been utilized in any wishwashing capacity. In that regard he's strictly decoration. So if he ever gets cranky and demands, "Play me or trade me!" I'll know where to go to begin trade talks. And I've been known to have a penchant for fishsessories.

Kathleen said...

Dang, Flumadiddle beat me to it! I was thinking the exact same thing. Dish Frog is super cool and I want him!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I'm glad to see that both of you have made such a good connection with Dish Frog. This means of course that you're both trusted and respected by all at the Grotto!