Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Pegasi

On the subject of tobogganing bears and the quest for evidence that animals seek recreation and amusement I have two more pieces to submit.

1. I was once at the thoroughbred races when a horse dumped his rider at the gate. He then ran the race anyway, alone. He finished last mind you, and he didn't seem to understand where the finish line was, but it gave me a good sense that race horses like to race. I'm glad for that. I can't bear to visit Marineland places - whale shows, I mean or the primate areas of zoos. I too strongly sense cruel captivity there but I'm comfortable at the races which is great because I quite enjoy betting on the 'ponies'. Though frankly, I suck at it.

2. Yesterday I drove from my home to Burlington and any time I head that way (which is often - I have many friends and associates in Burlington, Hamilton and St Catharines) I avoid the usual route through the highway system. I go West through the countryside and then South into Burlington and beyond if applicable. This way I save no time but I avoid the madness of traffic jams and cancer fumes and motorists unwittingly revealing their true narcissistic natures in presumed anonymity (motoring is the great window to the soul my friends!).

Instead I get serenity and a modest dose of nature. A couple one-lane bridges. That sort of thing. Yesterday I approached a farm where two horses inhabited a road-side coral. One stood with regal posture, mane flitting in the breeze. The other was down, squirming in the snow on his back, legs kicking. As I passed by he scrambled to his feet and his head turned briefly my way. I smiled. It seemed like he'd been caught doing something silly and he hoped I hadn't noticed. You may accuse me of unwarranted personification but I like to think he was making a snow-angel. Well - more of a - snow Pegasus.



Babs Gladhand said...

We have horses by the office. Two on one side of the road and three on the other. I watch them interact with each other all the time. They hang their heads over their respective fences and then proceed to dish the dirt.

At least that's what I like to think they're doing.

I'm pretty sure they share a cup of coffee when I'm not looking.

Kathleen said...

I heard the driving in Hamilton was quite the chore this morning. I hope you don't have to go anywhere.

Snow Pegasus is so cool!