Thursday, February 01, 2007

The constellation Iguanus

I went to bed early last night. The effects of which, left me wide awake at 5 AM. As I lay there in the almost total darkness I took note of the array of colorful pinpoints of light inhabiting the far wall of my bedroom and it occurred to me that such sight - a sign-of-the-times - would be unheard of in almost any bedroom of any other earthly culture past or - for a large part - present.

It occurred to me that I should perhaps give a name to my own personal constellation and it only took a moment to envision a material shape out of the array. Quite clearly my constellation is an iguana.

Below is a rough ‘home electronics’ diagram of the view of the South and West walls of my bedroom – from the perspective of the head of my bed.

So take heart. If pollution eventually renders the sky – and stars – masked from view, our descendants can turn to new constellations – ones built of bright colors and ones so close they can reach out and touch them. Isn’t that comforting?

My questions to you are:

- Do you have a personal constellation?
- What shape is it?
- Have you named it?
- Is this the lamest blog entry ever conceived?
- Do you fear FWG has finally teetered off the deep end?


Babs Gladhand said...

1. Yes. I didn't know I did until I read your post, so I turned out all the lights and lo and behold, there is was.
2. It's a stingray - the ocean critter, not the car.
3. His name is Earnest.
4. No
5. No. Of course, I've been off the deep end for a long time, so I might not be the best person to give an answer on this.

Are you scoring this?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

A stingray! Very cool! I'm glad to know I'm not entirely alone on this. Hmm. I wonder should I try googling 'home electronics constellations'? Maybe there's an entire movement out there...

Wait a minute. Earnest the Stingray? I hope you're not poking fun at me.

Kathleen said...

I have no electronics in my room, just the clock and that's just beyond my peripheral vision, so sadly I have no personal constellation.

I have to agree with Flumadiddle that this is not the lamest blog entry ever.

Babs Gladhand said...

No poking fun. Why? Is your nickname Earnest the Stingray?

If so, should I change my stingray's name to Harold? I will if you want, but I don't think Harold the Stingray sounds all that great.

Could I be a bigger dork?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Babs, My only real nickname is Fwig. I ask if you're poking fun 'cause 'Earnest the Stingray' just sounds a little - um - silly, perhaps? I don't know. Let's see...

Orion, Gemini, Cygnus, Aquarius, Earnest the Stingray, Andromeda...

Hmm. It's kind of like the one kid in the class who's got his finger up his nose in the class photo, don't you think? Ah, what the heck. I'll endorse it. After all Flumadiddle has contributed to sanity, literature and humanity - you deserve a little lee-way.

But Harold? No. You're on your own with Harold.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

oH -- We're not measuring dork quotient today. Today is Dork Amnesty Day in Fwigateria. Thus I can't answer that question...

Babs Gladhand said...

You just made Earnest cry. He used to be such a happy little stingray, too. BTW, what did you name your iguana? (That so sounds like a euphemism doesn't it?) You probably named it something cool like Ranaterium Dolomusi Crabtree III.

Dear god, I really need help. And thank you for the amnesty on the dork thing. It's okay, I know the truth.

Kathleen said...

You two are making me giggle.

Personally I kind of like the name Ernest the Stingray - a little Oscar Wilde-esque, no?

Word Verification: mylizqw

Somehow it seemed appropriate in this entry about The Iguana.