Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More fun with mail

There are quite a few former Grotto of Cool residents (including - if my crazy Christian lady neighbor is to be trusted - one practitioner of the Wickan faith and one grandmaster daddy-o of the Masons) whos mail we receive regularly. Reliance company's penchant for Sylvie Ruel is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, this piece of mail was received yesterday and I have a sneaky suspicion that Mr. Orc-Wizard is not a former resident. Frankly I suspect I've been had.

Mr. Fantasy Dragonia Orc-Wizard. Very funny. Har har.

While Steve-o is certainly the prime suspect I would advise Captain Vino to come forth with an alibi should he have one.



Babs Gladhand said...

But, you can save 75 cents as Mr. Orc-wizard.

Kathleen said...

Is there a Queen Street in every city in Ontario?

Dave said...

Kathleen, there are more Queens in Ontario than you can imagine.

Interesting that you had a Wiccan and a Mason in that place. The Squeeze's brother is both. Freaky. Is that even allowed? A Wiccan Mason.

As much as I would LOVE to take credit for that letter, I'm more the type to send something to your real name with a logo and return address from an organization such as an adult diaper cleaning service or a company selling colon cleansers or a snuff film production company. Of course, I would address it to another apartment in your building so word got out. Ya, that's more my style.

BTW, what exactly was the coupon for?

ARGH! ok, WHY do I always get bounced back and have to re-enter a new jumbled word?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Actually there were about six coupons in the envelope. One was for jumbo Bounty paper towels - the quicker picker-upper (they weren't aloud to say 'quickest picker-upper' because my ex, the biggest slut in Ontario holds firm claim to that title - as well as 'biggest slut in Ontario' of course). Ouch. Where did that come from? Nothing like a little repressed resentment popping out when you least expect it, eh? The other 4 or 5 coupons were for laundry detergent. All different brands. Tide, Downy. I can't remember the rest. Does that seem strange?

I have to double-jumble too, most of the time - if I'm on someone else's blog and I haven't signed in as FWG yet. I no longer have to jumble on my own blog. The aliens have tired of my banter I suppose.

Kats, Your question is right up my alley. According to my database there are 95 Ontario municipalities with a Queen Street that contains at least one retail outlet of interest to us. So the actual number is likely slightly north of 95. What?? Name them?? Well... All right!

Acton Almonte ARMSTRONG STATION Barrie Blyth Bolton Brampton Brantford Burlington Cambridge Campbellford Cavan Chatham Cookstown Crysler Crystal Beach Cumberland Douglas Dryden Dunnville East York Eganville Elmvale Elmwood Etobicoke Georgetown Gloucester Guelph Hamilton Harwood Holland Landing Inkerman Jarvis Kapuskasing Keswick Keswik Kincardine Kincarine Kingston Kitchener Lakefield Langton Leamington Lindsay London Manitouwaning Marlbank Melbourne Milton Mississauga Morriston
Mount Forest Nepean New Dundee Newmarket Niagara Niagara Falls Niagara On The Lake Norland Oakville Orillia Orleans Oshawa Ottawa Paisley Petersburg Port Hope Port Perry Rexdale Richmond Hill River Drive Par Rockwood Rodney SAULT STE MARIE Scarborough Simcoe Smiths Falls ST CATHARINES St Mary's St Thomas ST. MARY'S Stoney Creek Stratford Streetsville Thorold Thunder Bay Tilbury Tiverton Toronto Tottenham Vankleek Hill Wellesley Whitby Woodstock. So there.

Kathleen said...

I'm very disappointed there is no Queen Street in Windsor.

Are you impressed, though, that I've been to Chatham, London, Jarvis (I think), Niagara & Toronto. And my friend lives in Etobicoke, so I have that one covered too.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I'd be shocked if there were no Queen St in Windsor.

Etobicoke? I work in Etobicoke. Dearly hope your friend lives in one of the good neighborhoods!