Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Dining rooms

So lately I've been making a lot of plans to meet people at restaurants which I'm previously unfamiliar with. Being an interwebs-savvy, plan-ahead kind of guy, I like to go to the restaurant web site and try to get a feel what kind of joint it is so that I can temper my expectations. I actually prefer just to see what their dining room looks like, which tells me much of what I want to know.

Unfortunately many restaurants don't have this idea on their radar and their web site will not feature useful image of their dining room, but then I'll see that their web menu will feature a photo gallery so I'll go there with high hopes only to discover it is pic after pic of gangs of red-faced drunk people with their arms thrown around each other. The flash usually lights up their red faces and leaves the background in darkness.

Somehow I never find this useful. Once you've seen a few dozen gangs of red-faced drunk people you've pretty much seen 'em all.

So my excellent young brother has chosen a place called the Tin Cup for our family Easter celebration this year. Naturally I hit their site and in search of the elusive dining room photo I was suckered into opening their online photo gallery only to find pic after pic of this:

Hmm... Massive terminal food poisoning? Are their cups really made of tin? I'm a little nervous about what we're getting into with the Tin Cup Sport Grill or whatever.

Perhaps I'll order a "platter of sleeping ass holes" and see what reaction I get.

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Elizabeth Twist said...

The hell?

If you don't return from your Tin Cup experience, we Hamilton writers will mourn your passing. Good luck and Godspeed.

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