Thursday, April 12, 2012

I is for Indecision

Well, what a mess I've made of this. "I" was for Ice Cream, I had thought, but then I moved Ice Cream to Q (don't ask) to make room for the subject of Illusion, or more precisely, Illusion Part Two. Illusion Part One already came out - when was that? - looking it up... hang on... Damn. It was January 19. I've made you wait way to long for part two but the reality is, I really have dreaded finishing the illusion article. There is just no way to do it justice. It requires a vast amount of explanation to pull together so many unfamiliar concepts and to explain barely enough about each that the whole message might somehow bear a shred of credibility in the ears of the uninitiated. The blog culture demands a degree of brevity and frankly the whole exercise amounts to a lot of hard work.

...I is for Inertia...

In my defense, I would probably not be quite so lazy if only I wasn't so tired all the time.

... I is for Insomnia...

In truth, I am barely awake right now. My security gigs are night shift, my volunteer work day shift. The constant sleep adjustments are Teh Suck according to west coast cool kid jargon that surely went in and out of style before I ever picked it up.

The other big problem with the illusion topic is that I am spilling answers that come from years of sustained, courageous, extremely honest observation and contemplation. It is in a sense, a terrible cheat (on my part) to just hand out the answers as if they'll be accepted. It should be my mandate to assist in guiding people toward their own poetic leanings so that they are more likely to make useful discoveries on their own, for that is what happened to me. No one gave me the answers. Likely that is the wise way to do it. But how much opportunity exists for that and how unlikely to find the connections? If I throw out answers then perhaps the right people will take notice and say, "Hey, I think I know what you're talking about. Let's get together." Anyways... Who knows?

...I is for I Don't Know...

I is also for Internet Freedom. Lot of talk about that lately. It has always amazed me that the internet has remained as "free" as it has. People are now saying, "Hey! Keep our internet free just like our democracy! Don't take away our democratic internet!" People are wildly confused, I think. Our democracy is little more than the illusion of freedom if you don't think about it too much, which people are really good at. The internet seems much more legitimately free to me. I've always assumed that the masters will seize control of the great webbery any day now, but I suppose the process will be a slow and insipid one with occasional tests like these to see if the sheep - sorry - I mean citizens - might just tolerate a sudden overhaul. It's kind of nice that so far, we are saying no.

It seems to me that the math indicates that man must make evolutionary steps real soon or else kiss its ass goodbye. The internet is a recent phenomena that offers the possibility for the masses across the globe to bond and to dismiss artificial borders; to disempower the mighty who can not resist their greed and who would continue rushing us toward the dark end. The barriers are steep though. We use the net to play at superficial things. We are so blind.

Well, enough talk of gloom. Have a nice day!

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Hope you're feeling better now :)

--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

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