Friday, April 06, 2012

F is for Fail

Oh dear.

Do you ever look at a photo and not grasp for the longest time what you're actually looking at?

There are a whole lot of really nice sweet people on the interwebs who blog about the simple pleasures in life; their relationships with family, their relationship with God. Their dog. Their church. Those sorts of things. The A-Z Challenge led me to That Corgi's blog where E-Day was all about Easter eggs and the church easter egg hunt. That Corgi contributed to the event by buying plastic eggs and then hiring her young son to stuff them full of candy (she didn't want to tempt herself with the delilcious morsels).

Other nice sweet people commented on her nice sweet post but I was paralyzed from doing so. Something seemed incredibly wrong to me.

Have a look at her photo of her plastic eggs and then come right back here and read my conclusion. Okay?

Did you see the photo?

I swear to god.

I swear...

To god.

I thought they were dildoes.

I thought she accidently enlisted her son to stuff dildoes.

Does this mean I'm going to hell?


Unknown said...

Well it seems that I'll be going with you, because I saw exactly the same thing!

HeatherL said...

I thought it was just me!