Saturday, April 14, 2012

K is for Keen

Well, here's a cheap throw-away post if there ever was one. I'm falling behind in the A-Z Challenge and must catch up. On the upside, M-Day is already written and you must come back for that on Saturday - or maybe Sunday. it is a very special post. Well, to me anyway. It's a subject I'm very keen on.

Ah, yes. K is for Keen. And here are the kinds of things I'm keenest on:

quiet solitude, red wine, Rush, steak, Settlers of Catan, space exploration, the Ybor City Tabaqueros, ziti tagliatti, art, astronomy, Bruce Cockburn, butter chicken, cigars, cosmology, creativity, the evolution of consciousness, guitars, garlic, harmony, imagination, jerk pork, Lord of the Rings, music, Montana's ribs and Monty Python.

And speaking of Monty Python: What are King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table most keen on? Why, finding the holy grail of course. But is the "master" of the French Taunter keen on joining them? If you don't know, then you must find out here:

And now, if you watched the video, you will understand the mystery behind this man: Alex Steen; property of Skeeter Willis and the Port Credit Cardinals of the SHL:

Why his nickname is I Don't Zink He'll Be Very Steen...

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