Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T is for Tati

If you don't know, or remember, who Terry Anne is, I urge you to read this short piece from July 2008. She is one of the most amazing people I know.

She had sent me some poetry which I thought I had lost, having switched to a new lap top and new email address after resigning from Ye Olde Marketing Company. But in a recent fit of illumination I actually started backing up my computer files and discovered that I had in fact imported some of Tati's emails over. I would like to share some with you.

Be advised: They are heavy.

Blatherings of Grayness
November 2, 2008

We feel the light and the dark
We cause the fight that doesn’t leave a mark
We plan it but don’t
We sit in our corner
Sulking, crying dull and well overplayed tears
Energy evades us, life replays us
We blame everyone and no one
Walk by us at the dark time
And you are the villain
You didn’t even do anything
We didn’t even do anything
We don’t even know who you are
We didn’t take the time to know you
We didn’t take the time to know ourselves
Walk by during the light and you are the saint
You can help, but you do not know
Bring us out of the hole to try and make us whole
What can we cover ourselves with now?
A drink, a drug, a robe, a rug
Anything that we can use to hide
What we feel is surely inadequate inside

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